WordPress Integrations and Beyond


WordPress has been a critical topic on the web. Ever since it started since WordPress 3.0. But why is WordPress critical to the web? Is it because it is easy to use? Or is it because we need something else that is better? Perhaps it is its excellent WordPress plugins and themes ecosystem, where you … Read more

The Latest On WordPress Themes

As WordPress themes are more and more popular, the list of customization options continues to grow. One can attribute that to each user wanting his or her blog to be unique or very much personalized. Who knows, one day a theme can be just as unique as the author of the blog! The following is … Read more

How To Fix WordPress Permalinks 404 Error?


The 404/Not Found error message is one of the most hated screens on the Internet; it indicates that though you, the browser, were able to communicate with the server, the page you need was not delivered either because it was not found or because the server for some reason was configured to not fulfill the … Read more

How To Podcast Using WordPress


Podcasting is the next step up from blogging. While blogging is done by armies of pajama-clad ordinary people, podcasting is done by many of these same people, though less often in pajamas, in front of a digital or audio recorder. Short pieces are recorded, then distributed via RSS to their website, typically a blog site. … Read more

Simple Blogging With WordPress


Simple Blogging With WordPress WordPress is one of the many options available to bloggers who are looking for free software online which makes it incredibly easy to publish their own blog. This software is easy to use, provides a variety of templates and offer excellent support to bloggers. There are many options available to bloggers … Read more

Why Are WordPress Themes Hard to Use?


WordPress templates and themes One of the things that seem to put people off using the WordPress software on their own site (as opposed to the hosted WordPress blog site) is the technical side of the process involving WordPress templates and themes. There’s a lot of talk about code, PHP, CSS and plenty of other … Read more

Simple WordPress Plugins That Will Monetize Your Blog


Did you know there is a new open source community project underway called the WordPress Plugin Database, located at wp-plugins.net, which is a user-friendly web site with about 2,500 WordPress plugins and counting? “The WordPress Plugin Database is a categorized list of WordPress plugins, complemented by a WordPress Plugin Manager that allows one-click installs,” say … Read more

5 Features Of Effective WordPress Themes


If you’re blogging on the WordPress platform, I’ll bet my entire life savings that the first thing you ever did was try to install a new WordPress theme. I’ll bet my future earnings that even today you’re still occasionally changing themes and wasting a lot of time doing minor modifications that when summed up merely … Read more